Società Italiana di Virologia – Italian Society for Virology - SIV-ISV

La SIV-ISV riunisce ricercatori, docenti, cultori ed esperti delle diverse aree della Virologia, al fine di promuoverne il ruolo e il progresso in tutti i campi di ricerca e di applicazione, coinvolgendo con pari dignità tutte le aree della Virologia.

SIV-ISV brings together researchers and experts from the different areas of Virology, in order to promote their role and progress in all fields of research and application, involving all areas of Virology with equal dignity.

Statement EuGH Vaccination

It is the unanimous view of the involved international scientists and expert societies that based upon all available analyses (mechanism, epidemiology) there is no evidence for a causal relation between hepatitis B vaccination and a subsequent onset of multiple sclerosis (MS) (1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 12).

The scientific proof that there is no correlation between an individual case of vaccination (or other event) and a subsequent disease is impossible as a matter of principle.

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