Società Italiana di Virologia – Italian Society for Virology SIV-ISV

SIV-ISV brings together researchers and experts from the different areas of Virology, in order to promote their role and progress in all fields of research and application, involving all areas of Virology with equal dignity.

The activity of the SIV-ISV is carried out by promoting, encouraging and sponsoring:

  • studies, research, and cultural initiatives, including the funding of projects and research programs in the field of Virology, of scholarships, of participation in conferences or scientific meetings and other activities useful for pursuing the statutory goals;
  • drafting of guidelines on issues of scientific, social, cultural and normative relevance in Virology
  • advice activities for the Authorities and Scientific/Health Institutions focused on prevention, epidemiology, diagnosis, therapy and emergencies in the Virology field;
  • dissemination of Virology in all areas, including the activity of informing Public Opinion, through the media on scientific discoveries or on hot topics and issues related to Virology;
  • organization of congresses, symposia, and meetings on Virology topics, at Regional, National and International level;
  • scientific collaboration and regional/national/international synergies with institutional, public and private Institutions, and among researchers in the field of Virology;
  • relationships with similar national and foreign associations;
  • valorization, training and professional growth of young people in all the Virology areas;
  • any other action aimed at promoting Virology and protecting the professional interests of its experts