European Seminar (EuSeV) in Virology-June 2018

6th European Seminar in Virology (EuSeV)

Virus-host interaction at single cell and organism level

June 22-24, 2018
University of Bologna Residential Center in Bertinoro

Scarica Programma e Abstract book

State of the art talks by:

  • Benkirane, Monsef
  • Berkhout, Ben
  • Ciuffi, Angela
  • Domingo, Esteban
  • Dreux, Marlène
  • Dutch, Rebecca
  • Enquist, Lynn
  • Greber, Urs
  • Lafon, Monique
  • Metzner, Karin
  • Pagani, Massimiliano
  • Pasetti, Marcela
  • Randall, Richard E.
  • Rosenberg, Brad
  • Vignuzzi, Marco
  • Wolthers, Katja

Subtopics include:

  • Single cell analysis
  • Organoids and other models
  • General viral-host interaction including evolution

The 2018 EuSeV topic “Virus-host interaction at single cell and organism level” offers the possibility to present and discuss cutting-edge methodologies and results from different virus systems. It will include

  • advanced molecular (transcriptome) analysis of individual cells
  • viral latency
  • cellular restriction factors, and
  • pathogenetic mechanisms.

In addition to animal models, the use and potentials of organotypic culture systems will be discussed. The evolution of virus-host interactions and potential antiviral intervention strategies will be explored.

During 2.5 days, the goal is to favor close contacts between advanced graduate students / post-docs and reputed scientists in a free and interactive atmosphere inviting open exchange and discussion.


The meeting will start on Friday June 22 afternoon, and end on Sunday June 24 noon.

The facility is located 60 Km East of Bologna (, in the area of the Bishop’s Fortress. The surrounding area is the Appenines with hillsides covered by the local “Albana di Bertinoro” vineyards. Local transportation from and to Bologna airport will be provided

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Students submitting an abstract may apply for a travel grant from ESV (10 grants, 300€ each).

EuSeV is organized by the European Society of Virology (ESV)

Organizing Committee: Giorgio Palù (President ESV), Gabriella Campadelli Fiume, Michael Kann, Thomas Mertens, Veronika von Messling, Dana Wolf